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Afghan hashish oil

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    Afghan hashish oil

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A complete set of Afghan hashish oil and a group of natural oils and herbs rare and free of any chemicals

Helps to rejuvenate the hair and nourishes the hair from the follicles, leading to the solution of all hair problems

the benefits:

  Works to restore hair to normal

Strengthens and thickens hair

Prevents permanent hair loss

Eliminates the crust

Prevents hair shattering

How to use:

Flask well before use

An appropriate amount of oil is taken according to the density of the hair and placed on the hair and then massage the scalp for five minutes

Then leave for 6 hours then wash hair with shampoo

Used day after day

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4 Star
12, 04, 2019

ساعدنى هذا المنتج على الحصول على شعر كثيف ولامع جدا

11, 04, 2019

من افضل منتجات الشعر فعلا

10, 04, 2019

كنت فقدت الامل بشعرى لأنه كان تالف كتير وكتير جربت منتجات وبالصدفه شفت الشركه تبعكوا اصبح شعرى افضل من اول بكتير

10, 04, 2019

شعرى كان كتير يقع ومقصف جربته وكتير غيرلى وضع شعرى

10, 04, 2019

My hair become more beautiful than before

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