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Shea Butter Shampoo

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    Shea Butter Shampoo

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Shea Butter Shampoo

the description
Shea butter is rich in vitamins A and E, which make it a natural natural factor for moisturizing your hair from the roots to the limbs, so it is used as a natural hair conditioner, providing moisture without leaving the hair with a greasy or heavy texture. It has wide use in curling hair because of its moisturizing properties. Chemical substances such as fillers, curls and other natural moisture strippers of hair, shea butter help strongly restore this lost moisture.
Shea Butter provides protection against harmful harmful electrolytes in the air, water and extreme climatic conditions. It is sufficient to protect the hair from sun damage and repair damage caused by severe cold or high heat. It is especially useful for treating damaged hair due to dyes and chemical treatments such as individual, And iron, and protects hair against salt and chlorine, which is exposed to hair in swimming.
The result: more nourishing hair, softness and moisturizing.

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount of Heredo shampoo to your hair wet from the sides to the roots. Apply foam to your hair, then rinse thoroughly.

Ingredients: Sodium Laurial Sulfate - Cimperan - Citiol HE - Dye Methicon - Natural Oils - Preservatives - Color - Shea butter.
It is recommended to use the Herda Butter with Shea butter for amazing results.

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5 Star
12, 04, 2019

هذا الشامبو اكثر من رائع بينظف ويعالج التقصف

11, 04, 2019

اكثر شامبو عجبنى بنعومته ولمعانه لشعرى

10, 04, 2019

كنت دور كتير على شامبو من مواد طبيعيه وبينعم الشعر جربت هذا الشامبو روعه فعلا

10, 04, 2019

شامبو جميل جداا بيطرى الشعر بشكل خيالى

29, 03, 2019

Very beautiful product

29, 03, 2019

جربت المنتج حلو جدا

23, 03, 2019


23, 03, 2019

جيد جدا

23, 03, 2019

ممتاز النتج ده اوى انا جربته

23, 03, 2019

فعلا شركه مصدر للثقه

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