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Argan oil with keratin

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    Argan oil with keratin

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Deep nourishment & long-lasting conditioning ultra- conditioning hair reconstruction.

More Gee Glycerin is one of the valuable product of Morocco, the world recognized the golden liquid, it extracts 100% natural glycerin Moro Gee, Sal oil, containing concentrations of super-rich nuts assence + vitamin B5, fatty acids,flaxseed and other precious hair care ingredients, which can effectively repair the cuticle, smoothes rough cuticles nourish and protect the hair to avoid external damage and being able to instantly brighten hair, smooth hair, give hair shine and texture!

Usage :
1- Used independently : Immediately improved bifurcation, 2-3 drops of essential oil when dry hair, even put on the hair, or damaged hair tail rinse immediately improve dry hair knotted phenomenon.
2- Hair care and styling : You can use a hair dryer or curling iron rods before using heat insulation effect,allowing the hair to minimize the degree of injury, and can make different hair styling.
3- Sun protection : UV-resistant, in a sunny place to swim or touch a few drops on the hair can reduce UV damage to the hair.
4- With the shampoo use : Make hair more smooth brighter, add 2-3 drops of shampoo mixed with shampoo recommended type of shampoo with deep cleansing water pay better results, gently massage for five minutes, wash after the hair softer and more smooth brighter.
5- With the use of hair mask : Mask absorption doubled, adding 3 drops of essential oil and about doing hair mask hair mask mix, the results raise 1-2 times after the finish.
Warning : Keep away from children, avoid contact with eyes! For external use only !
Weight : 60ml

Rating :

5 Star
12, 04, 2019

من افضل الزيوت اللى ممكن تجربوها نتيجتها كتير حلوه

11, 04, 2019

لحسن حظى جربت هذا الزيت حلو جدا

10, 04, 2019

طلبت المنتج من اسبوع وصلى بعدها بيوم سرعه فى الرد والتوصيل ونتيجه الزيت جد روعه شكرا لكم ولتعاملكم

10, 04, 2019

I advise to use this product really I surprised the results very good

29, 03, 2019

حبيت المنتج جدا فرق كتير بشعرى

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