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عرض 3 منتجات الشعر

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    عرض 3 منتجات الشعر

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Argan oil hair serum

It is a natural oil extracted from almonds that grow on perennial trees in southern Morocco. Scientists have drawn this consideration because it contains high levels of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which is called liquid gold, as it works on:
1_ Deeply moisturizes and nourishes hair and works to add strength and radiance to it
2_ Weight of hair loss
3_ Address fragmentation and subsistence
4_ is used to moisturize and nourish hair, especially after using a hair dryer
Ideal use:
Apply argan oil before drying your hair, especially the scalp and tips.

Shampo with aragan oil :

This ultra-moisturizing formula gently cleanses the hair without stripping the color. Argan oil helps restore the vitality and strength of damaged hair.

Use part of Dr. Argan's Skin Shampoo with Skin Oil to help reach the maximum possible length. This shampoo helps stimulate blood flow to the hair roots, which gives a better body and leaves your scalp and hair softer, smoother and healthier.
Skin Doctor Moisture Vitality Shampoo app adds shine to your locks, it helps protect your hair from environmental damage and heat, reducing free radical formation caused by UV rays and thermal design

Formulated with Argan oil and contains fatty acids with Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9. It helps repair hair and restore smoothness and shine, giving hair long protection from dryness, making it healthy and easy to styling.

the use
Apply a proper amount to the dried hair with a towel and massage from roots to ends. Wait 5-10 minutes and rinse well.

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5 Star
29, 06, 2020
Umm elquwain Hassan

المنتج فعال ولا شو

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