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Skin Doctor Keratin Hair Serum, 100 ml

Skin Doctor Keratin Hair Serum, 100 ml
  • Skin Doctor Keratin Hair Serum, 100 ml
  • Skin Doctor Keratin Hair Serum, 100 ml
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    Skin Doctor Keratin Hair Serum, 100 ml

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The Keratin Hair Serum is manufactured by the experts at Skin Doctor to meet the hair care needs of women. The serum has a unique formulation that consists of an excellent blend of keratin protein and other nutritive ingredients. The Skin Doctor Hair Serum is an ultimate hair care essential that provides intensive care for damaged hair. It cures the split ends and supplies strength to the weak hair. Thus, it strengthens your locks and prevents hair fall. This allows you to have longer and stronger hair than before. It smoothens the roughest of hair and moisturizes the parched ones. Also, this hair serum functions as a sunscreen as it protects your curls against the harmful sun rays. This helps prevent frizz and eases the process of detangling, thereby, avoiding breakage. The Skin Doctor Keratin Hair Serum repairs the hair cuticles and lets you have dazzling and smooth-textured tresses. The application of this serum is smooth and does not consume much time. This serum also preps your hair strands for styling so that you can give a hassle-free salon-like treatment to your strands. Also, the effects of this hair ointment are long-lasting as it holds on to your hair for extended hours.

Skin Doctor Keratin Hair Serum
This hair serum has an enriching formula that contains a high concentration of keratin which is an essential fibrous protein. It also consists of other vital nutrients that helps strengthen your hair.

The Skin Doctor hair serum is extremely easy to apply due to its smooth consistency. You can take some quantity on your palms and rub it on the hair surface. You can also give a gentle and quick massage to provide better results to your tresses.

You can swiftly apply this serum and have instant silky and healthy hair. These beauteous effects last for an extended period as the serum is enriched with such components that make it hold on to your strands for added hours, thereby, letting you have more extended hours of gorgeous and wholesome hair.

This highly nutritive hair serum helps fight every sign of hair damage and provides your hair with an immense strength to prevent hair fall. The Skin Doctor hair serum also preps your hair for styling. With this, you can have a salon-style look instantly at home.

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12, 04, 2019
منه الله

جميل جداا فرحت أنه جربته لهذا المنتج

11, 04, 2019

جربته انا ورفقاتى كتير حلو

10, 04, 2019

I was searching for this results I found it in your product really love it

10, 04, 2019
ام مازن

افضل سيروم كرياتين جربته بعد كتير تجارب من دون جدوى

29, 03, 2019

منتج اكثر من رائع

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